Social Connect Review – Should You Buy It NOW ?

Social Connect Review – Should You Buy It NOW ? >>>

social connect reviews

John is looking at your page and your product …

He slides to your “Buy Now” button to want to buy, but feels uneasy about something …

He has a number of unanswered questions and you just want to reassure him about a small detail in your product Social Connect

But you do not need a live chat he could ask …

He can not be bothered to search for your contact …

He knows that he could go to your competitor anyway and buy their product …

And for these reasons John just closed your page … and you lost a customer.

But it’s not really your fault either …

You can not be online 24/7, waiting for John, who may or may not come …

You are already using social media to people like John … as a dedicated Facebook page, too full of client testimonials reassure.

So after all your effort, of course you expect a customer to your sales page would just buy your product. If not, you might feel that there is nothing you can do. Social Connect Will Be Excellent Solution !

So you kind of accept that you just might lose John and not to make a sale.

But what if John could ask for in a reaction, in addition to your order button. And the next time you’re online, you would answer his question and convince him of the purchase.
Do you remember from the beginning of our story … that if you had a shop on the high street, people can hear you chat with John.

Well, using a special comment box next to your Buy Now button, now would your conversation with John visible to every visitor.

Other visitors could read and participate in the conversation. You would your own social community full of people who are interested in buying your product.

With Social Connect, you can add a live and public comment box to your page. You will never miss a customer again and as soon as you have answered the question … they are right next to you “Buy Now” button. Your visitors can respond using their Facebook / Twitter accounts or their e-mail. They can also connect to you anonymously as a guest. One of the great advantages of this software is that it automatically collects visitor e-mails when they leave inserted. The software automatically loads the addresses in your favorite auto responder. Once Social Connect on your site, upload the automatic recording of visitors and e-mail addresses to all popular autoresponders including: Aweber, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp, Reach Townsend, Townsend Lane, Infusionsoft, Icontact, Campaign Monitor


Social Connect Review – Should You Buy It NOW ?

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